Crystal Cleansing with the Full Moon

Crystal Cleansing with the Full Moon

Our jewelry and crystals absorb energy from our environment. The full moon is a powerful time to cleanse your crystals and set new intentions and intentionally let go of what no longer serves you.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals and gems, but one of my favorite ways is with the lunar energy of the full moon.

Full moon cleanse:

Place your Shakti jewelry or gemstones in a tray or container. Once the sun has set place them outside or in a windowsill facing the moon. Let them sit in the moonlight overnight until the sun comes up. It is okay to leave them out in the morning with the early morning sun, but don’t leave them outside in the sun all day as some gems can discolor and change in sunlight.

Doing this with every full moon cycle, will cleanse the energy of your stones and crystals and also magnify their properties. Moon charging does not have to be complicated. I use the full moon as an opportunity to realign with what is working and not working in my life, and to set new intentions for the next lunar cycle. Since I use my gems as my intention holders I never miss a full moon cleanse to align my thoughts, my life and my purpose.