Introducing Catherine Bell of The Awakened Company

Introducing Catherine Bell of The Awakened Company

Catherine BellAs a female entrepreneur, supporting my fellow woman in building successful businesses is close to my heart. Shakti Jewelry is pleased to share a new bracelet collection, in collaboration with The Awakened Company, with 50% of profits going to The Awakened Project Fund, #awakenedproject, to help women launch their own business.

This week, I sit down with Catherine Bell, author of The Awakened Company, to discover the inspiration and motivation behind this passionate entrepreneur and discuss her own mission in supporting women in business.

Who are you?

I am a lover of life.

I am a mother, wife, best-selling award-winning author, founder of a Profit 500 company, a serial entrepreneur, yogi, volunteer and am learning to surf, ski and play tennis.

I crave engagement and energy in my world. I love to learn. I love to learn what the world has to teach me.

I am focused on The Awakened Company. At The Awakened Company we help organizations THRIVE. One part of thriving is having an inclusive workplace. That is one of the reasons I have partnered with Shakti Jewelry. I am starting The Awakened Project Fund to help female entrepreneurs build their own businesses. I love to help build awesome organizations.

What is your purpose?

Soul fuel awakening and igniting presence in everything I feel, think, and do in relationships, and in our community.

For the Awakened Company, it is to awaken the fire within organizations. We consult with organizations in strategy, culture, and leadership. I also do keynote speaking around the world on Awakening and our values: passion, purpose, and PLAY!

For the Awakened Project, we are here to Ignite Presence by helping women flourish in starting their own companies.

What is your spiritual driving force?

My spiritual driving force is to have a positive impact on humanity. Fingers crossed, what we are doing is helpful.

What inspires you?

The balance of divine feminine and masculine inspires me. In organizations, I think of the divine feminine as the organizational culture and the divine masculine as the financial metrics. Research shows that a 2/3 emphasis on organizational culture and a 1/3 emphasis on financial results breed the best results for companies.

Goddess Tara inspires me. It is told that Goddess Tara was invited to be a Buddha, but chose to keep her female form so that females had someone to worship. She is known for compassion, wisdom, fierceness, and for being a great protector.

My husband inspires me. He is fiercely protective of integrity, doing the right thing, and our environment. Watching my sons grow up inspires me. Watching people thrive inspires me.

How do you want to leave a mark on the world?

If I were to listen in on my funeral, I would want to hear words like “she inspired the world and future generations to be a little bit more engaged, positive, kinder, inclusive, and compassionate. She improved the way organizations were run by doing things radically differently one small step at a time. She loved her sons and husband fiercely, and everything she touched felt precious. She helped people to see the good in themselves, their relationships, their teams, their organizations, their communities and inspired people to keep on learning.”

What does liberation mean to you?

Liberation means freedom to me. Freedom to me implies making conscious choices.

What is one thing you love about you?

One thing I love about me is I love to learn. Self-love is HUGE. I wish everyone in the world to love three things about themselves deeply. This small act would have massive impact on the world.

What are some words of wisdom you live by?

What is the smallest that I can do today to make a positive impact in the world? We create our narratives, so stick to your own storyline.

Nothing is personal.

What is the greatest gift you could ever give someone?

Your presence. Your presence is your power and a gift that cannot be undone, sold or bought, and is truly a gift.

Be a part of the movement in supporting women entrepreneurs, Awaken Bracelets are available through The Awakened Company.

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