Quality & Care


All Gold (unless otherwise specified) is Gold plated over pure silver or sterling silver.

This will fade over time giving it a more worn and matte look. Avoiding Water, swimming, lotions and perfumes with your jewelry will help maintain it's luster.

Silver when specified as Hilltribe is 99% pure silver content, giving it a whiter shinier appearance. All other silver used in Shakti Designs is sterling silver (92.5)

14 & 18K gold. When specified as 14 or 18K gold,


We source stones that are ethically mined. When working with vendors, we are sure to contact them for details on stone sourcing and mining.

We work directly with a tribe in northern Thailand for our hilltribe jewelry which is fairtrade and ethically sourced.


100% of Shakti Jewelry is assembled/finished in CANADA. All cast pieces are made in Thailand or Bali. Medicine bag fabric is sourced from the sacred valley in Peru.