Gemstone Uses and Properties

Gemstone Uses and Properties

For thousands of years, crystals have been worn for their spiritual, emotional and physical purposes.

At Shakti Jewelry, we use the healing properties, powers and spiritual meaning of gemstones and crystals.

We are all interconnected and we are all in this together. I want you to experience presence, awakening, and ultimately liberation, all through the wisdom & our knowledge of the properties of gemstones and ancient wisdom traditions. Sometimes all it takes is bringing awareness to an aspect of yourself or your life to wake that part of yourself up and experience inner transformation.

At Shakti Jewelry, we invite you to find which gemstone or amulet will assist you and meet you in this place of self-empowerment. Your life’s purpose is about coming into conscious recognition of your true self. Shakti Malas, Mantra necklace, Chakra necklaces, amulets and medicine bags are the perfect tool for you to use to focus on living in the present moment.

If I can empower you to follow your soul path and mission, my heart will be happy…

We are now offering gemstone readings to help you find what stone is right for you.

When it comes to choosing which crystals to buy and wear, I always say let your intuition guide you. If you aren’t sure which one is right, I suggest checking out our gemstones page. With our extensive knowledge of the gems we are going to help support you on your path and in your choice of what gem is right for you.

For gemstone readings, please direct your questions to

With Love,

Shakti Sarah