What is The Bodhichitta…

What is The Bodhichitta…

The Inspiration behind the Bodhichitta pendants we use in our Shakti Jewelry collection…

It took my entire life falling apart to find the Bodhichitta. Eventhough it is innate in all of us, when my marriage fell apart and I was brought to my knees (litereally) I had to find something to help me to be in that space. The space of suffering. In the groundless space amidst the immense suffering, I found some relief in the concept and practice of the Bodhichitta. This is where I learned to say thank you. Thank you for the teaching. Thank you for the lesson. Thank you for the blessing. Thank you for this opportunity for growth.

Gifted the book “When Things Fall Apart’” by Pema Chodrin, I dug deeper into the teachings and wisdom of the Bodhichiita.

Chitta means “mind” or Heart Mind. Bodhi means “awake,” “enlightened,” or “completely open.”

Bodhichiita is born from great compassion. It is the desire to wake up for the benefit of all beings. Ultimately, bodhicitta is about allowing compassion for others to lead us all to wisdom and transformation.

In the wise words of Pema Chodrin

At this point, we might ask why Bodhicitta has such power…Perhaps the simplest answer is that it lifts us out of self-centeredness and gives us a chance to leave dysfunctional habits behind. Moreover, everything we encounter becomes an opportunity to develop the outrageous courage of the Bodhi heart.

It is my aspiration to spread this incredible concept to be more able to benefit other people. The root of the Bodhichitta is to help others become free of suffering. I want to share with you my passion for this teaching and what has helped me.

In her Book, Pema taught me how to fail well. How to hold the pain of things that are happening that you don’t want to happen. The rawness of vulnerability. Making it an opportunity to move to a better place, a more open place.

May all beings be free from suffering.

With love Shakti Sarah