Harnessing the Wisdom of many cultures: The “modern” medicine bag

Harnessing the Wisdom of many cultures: The “modern” medicine bag

By Lela Iselin and Sarah Bowker

At the house of Shakti, we feel it is time to wake up the ancient tradition of the medicine bag. The medicine bag is used it as a tool to heighten your intuition, power and love in ways that are personally relevant.

The medicine bag is traditionally used as a symbol and container for spiritual guidance, personal protection, power and wisdom. Historically medicine bags hold a special power and no person, apart from the owner should look inside the bag. When the owner dies, his/her medicine bag is buried with your body.

We feel that in today’s world where an immense amount of information and knowledge is more readily available to us than ever before in history, it is time to create a container that can hold these ancient wisdom traditions. Rather than being focused on one culture, we turned the Shakti medicine bag into a “global wisdom tool.” To do that we have merged wisdoms and traditions of different cultures from around the world to symbolically capture and unite them. In this way each bag carries the vibration of an intelligently united planet.

  • The material of our bags is woven to our specifications by indigenous women in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Each bag is made from hand spun ethically sourced alpaca or sheep’s wool. The wool is dyed with traditional natural plant dyes.
  • The patterns on the bag have traditional meanings.
  • We use a shamanic technique we have learned from the Shipibo people in the Peruvian Amazon to empower each bag with a specific intention.
  • We use brass and gold beads (24K gold plated over sterling silver) which are handcrafted in an ancient goldsmith tradition in a small village in the remote mountains of Northen Thailand.(18K bags are available as part of our medicine bag bespoke/custom offering.)
  • We handpick the semi precious stones we sew onto the bags using specific stones for their vibrational power.
  • Many bags have ancient Buddhist and Indian symbols sewn onto them to represent the deep wisdom of those cultures.
  • The bags are hand sewn in Canada.

While the outside of the bag is important, how the bag becomes a real personal intention and power tool is by its content. Traditionally, the items inside a medicine bag would include symbols of things its owner wanted to attract and manifest in his/her life.

We want to keep this tradition and make it easy for you. To facilitate that we have a put together a collection of semi-precious stones and amulets for you to choose from. 

We invite you to co-create with us! We create the bag, you choose the content!

In addition to contents we offer, we suggest you put things into your medicine bag that hold special meaning for you. This could be a shell you found, a small photo of someone special or even a lock of your child’s hair.

Your personalized medicine bag then carries a special energy and supports and inspires you to manifest your life in the most meaningful and creative way.

We hope you will enjoy your “global shamanic power tool!”

We love ours!