Meeting Spirit Halfway

Meeting Spirit Halfway

By Lela Iselin, co-creator of the Shakti Medicine bags

Studying with three shamanic healing tribes in South America and Mexico, the Shipibo’s, the Querro’s and the Huichal’s for many years, I was struck by how each of these tribes were not only highly in tune with their surroundings, nature and spirit but also understood that each person is a powerful contribution to creation. While each of these tribes have a very different story of how creation came about, they agree on the most basic concept: we are powerful co-creators with higher wisdom.

The Huichals for example see the creator as a symbolic blue deer, Kayumari.


They're both deeply devoted to this blue deer and at the same time, they see themselves as equal to it. They don’t simply surrender to this symbol of spirit, they bring themselves into the picture, as an equal force. In this way they are both deeply surrendered to higher wisdom and at the same time let they themselves be empowered by it.

This touched me deeply. Inspired by my indigenous teachers and friends I learned to meet spirit, nature, all of creation, half way; the forest, the trees, the mighty mountains. I awaken their power and in turn they will awaken mine. It is a co-creative relationship.

Everything is a co-creation. While precious stones for example hold a certain vibration in their own right, it is me and my intention that will enliven and exalt their healing power and potential.

I give my shamanic tools the vibration I want them to carry and in turn they become powerful tools that will inspire me in ways I didn't expect.

I meet everything half way.

I am the co-creator of my reality.

And so are you!

Dream big!