Moonstone is often associated with the feminine and the intuitive side of the mind. Moonstone is best worn to help support and access ones emotions and gain a higher perspective. In the reflected light of the moonstone, we observe the hidden truths that reside in the depths of us. The best talisman for the inward journey, moonstone is a good support to revealing parts of the soul that have been left behind or need to be expressed.

Moonstone calms and encourages us to follow our vision. As a very personal stone, moonstone will be a reflection of the person who wears it and will hold your vision and your dreams. Legendary as the travellers stone, frequent travellers should also have moonstone at their side and near their body.

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Associated Chakras:

Name / SanskritCrown / Sahasrara

ColorViolet, White

LocationTop of the Head

KeywordsSpirituality, Expanding Consciousness, Source, Connection, Higher Wisdom, Enlightenment