The stone of self worth and emotional healing, garnet stimulates the base chakra and the heart, helping support the manifestation of one’s deepest heart desires with the world. Garnet will help alleviate fear, worry and panic and assist one in maintaining a sense of calm and grounded connection to your path.

Often referred to as the ‘stone of health’ garnet encourages physical strength and wellness. As a root chakra stone, garnet helps us root onto our purposeful path driving passion, energy and creativity into manifestation. Known to cleanse and energize all the chakras, garnet is said to revitalize and balance the energy from the base to the crown chakra.

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Associated Chakras:

Name / SanskritRoot / Muladhara

ColorRed, Black

LocationBase of Spine

KeywordsGrounding, Stability, Connection, Manifestation, Security

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