Amethyst is a stone of spiritual wisdom. Often worn by healers, it has the power to focus energy where it is needed. An amazing stone for people who have difficulty sleeping it is sometimes referred to as the ‘dream stone’.  A very beneficial stone for calming the mind and promoting emotional centering.

Often referred to as the Yogi of gemstones, amethyst will help you stay grounded while experiencing  higher spiritual expressions on your path. As the 7th chakra gemstone, Amethyst is known to expand consciousness, connect you to the source of all things and your own deeper wisdom and move you deeper onto your spiritual path.

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Associated Chakras:

Name / SanskritCrown / Sahasrara

ColorViolet, White

LocationTop of the Head

KeywordsSpirituality, Expanding Consciousness, Source, Connection, Higher Wisdom, Enlightenment

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