Buddha is brass set in solid 10k gold.

Watch Video for details 

One of a kind.

comes on 30" chain.

Script on pendant is Thai and is the location of Wat Phra That Phanom temple where these rare amulets are made. According to legend this temple has Buddha's breast bone in its structure.

The Amulet created at the temple is believed to be a good luck charm.

Buddha is seated in Dhyana mudras. Buddha is said to have used this mudras during his enlightenment. Dhyana simply means meditation. Before Buddha, this mudras was used by yogis to deepen concentration during meditation.

This mudra symbolizes balance.

Bodhichiita is born from great compassion. It is the desire to wake up for the benefit of all beings. Ultimately, bodhicitta is about allowing compassion for others to lead us all to wisdom and transformation.


Chitta means “mind” or Heart Mind. Bodhi means “awake,” “enlightened,” or “completely open.”

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.