Design your own shakti piece

Welcome to our new customize your own necklace store. Here you can design the exact necklace you want with the amulet(s) of your choice. Simple choose the chain or gemstone necklace you want as a base necklace, then add the pendant and gemstone to your necklace.

To have a custom necklace, mala or Shakti piece made that you don’t see on this page, we do offer an exclusive service one on one with Shakti’s founder, Sarah Bowker. After your consultation, Sarah will create a custom piece just for you with the right gemstones for your life. This service takes approximately 1-4 weeks from initial consultation. Wait list times for consultation vary. If you are interested in this service please email or call 780-886-5683.

Purchasing Multiple Amulets or Components

You can customize any necklace and pick multiple pendants without a chain or gemstone necklace base. To order multiple pendants or amulets please email us and we will send you a custom invoice

14K Gold Fill Skinny Chain

14K Gold Fill Skinny Chain